Welcome to the Northwest Las Vegas Backgammon Club
Next meet up: March 8th, 2020 at Noon! Location: Town Center Lounge II!
Special Promo: Feb. 9th and March 8th, $50 added to the prize pool!*

Club meet-up's are currently every 2nd Sunday of the month...unless otherwise indicated

Where: Town Center Lounge II, 2992 West Cheyenne
North Las Vegas, NV 89032 Phone: 702.646.1131
Time: Register Noon (12 p.m.), start 12:30 pm... Late Entries allowed till 1 p.m.
***New Buy-in Structure for New Year 2020 for the NWLVBC***
Tournament: $20 entry fee + optional $20 side pool + optional $10 Magic
(Side Pool goes to side pool participant who advances furthest in main bracket)
(Magic pool is a random drawing reward to participant in magic pool after tournament registration
has ended)
Main bracket: 7 point matches (requires 4 or more entrants)
If 8 or more entrants, there will be a consolation:
Consolation bracket: 3 pt matches with 5 pt final
Chouette play
*Additional Information*
-bring your own board
-all skill levels from novice to world class welcome
-friendly and welcoming to all players
-go to www.nwlvbc.yolasite.com for more information or contact Daniel at superdanman88@outlook.com 
Facebook group:   NWLVBC

You Tube:         Northwest Las Vegas Backgammon Channel

*also don't forget to check out the Las Vegas backgammon club at www.vegasbg.com

*90% return on all cashes in the NWLVBC promo tournaments. If the $50 added is met, then 100% return on all  cashes!


February 9, 2020 meet-up is in the history books! Congratulations to Dennis M. for winning the 3rd NWLVBC tournament...in ship-shape and bristol fashion I must say. Runner up to Brett. Also congrats to Zulma for taking down the magic pool!  Special shout-out to the Chaffin's from Utah who help make the NWLVC a success and gave everyone a great game. Next meet up is March 8th and let's increase the numbers, support the club, and support the great establishment.  More location info at:


Next meet is March 8, 2020 & April 19th . Encouraged to bring your board, dice, and cubes. We are lucky enough to find a great location in a lounge with food and drinks...and no upfront requirements except a purchase of a food/drink from each player to support the establishment that is supporting us. Let's take advantage of this opportunity and have a  great new backgammon club in the Northwest, the NWLVBC. Happy Rolling!


The Northwest Backgammon Club is already forming it's own identity and standard with a new buy-in structure for the upcoming New Year. In honor of being the year 2020, we now have the 20/20 buy-in structure...that is, $20 entry into the tournament, and an optional $20 side pool that is awarded to the player advancing furthest in the main bracket...but that's not all!

We have also adopted an idea from a backgammon club back east...the optional Magic pool! This will be another optional $10 pool that is a random reward given after tournament registration has ended. The qualification is... must register for tournament and, of course,  register for the $10 magic pool. Everyone from the novice to world class has an equal chance to win this pool who enters, and it's been shown to help retain players and attract new ones. So why not? So...Have fun, come play backgammon with us, and check the website for the latest and greatest.

****Special $50 added prize pool promo for Feb 9th and March 8th*** Extra payouts will be, if less than 8 players, $30 for 1st, $20 for 2nd. If 8 or more players, $25 for 1st, $15 for 2nd, and $10 for 3rd. Cashes for this special promo period tournaments will be 90% returns. If the $50 is met, then 100% returns on all cashes. (As a side note, the Feb. 9th tournament had an impressive extra $30 added to the prize pool).

**NWLVBC Player of the year Coin** 

There is now a one of a kind coin that will be presented, along with a certificate, for the Northwest Las Vegas Backgammon Club player of the year. That will be the player who is #1 in the point standings by cashing in our monthly tournaments and who is in good standing. Just another reason to play at the NWLVBC! 

Club rules for Tournaments and Chouettes

General Rules:
1. There will always be a tournament with 4 or more players during official NWLVBC meet-up's,  and players are asked to prioritize the tourney when there is one. 
2. Club points will be awarded to cash finishers. All club director decisions are final. Club director may ask one as a substitute or 2nd official as needs dictate.
4. All players from beginner to world class are expected to follow the golden rule (treat others as they would like to be treated). Be courteous, practice good sportsmanship, and be ambassadors of the game. Here is an excerpt from Phil Simborg, expert Backgammon player on Etiquette: https://bkgm.com/articles/Simborg/SportsmanlikeConduct/

Tournament Rules for the NWBGC:
1. There will always be a tournament with 4 or more players. Registration starts at 12 noon. Tournament starts 12:30 pm. Late entries allowed till 1 p.m.
2. There will be a main bracket. A consolation bracket will be available with 8 or more entrants. The main bracket will consist of 7 point matches. The consolation bracket will consist of 3 point matches with a 5 point final.
3. The current entry fee is $20. If 4 entries, cash prize is $60 to 1st, $20 to 2nd. If 5-7 entries, cash prize is 60% to 1st, 40% to 2nd. If 8 or more, the consolation bracket is introduced. Cash prize is 50% first, 30% second, 15% to third (winner of consolation bracket), 5% to fourth (runner up consolation bracket). If 16 or more entrants, cash prize will be 40% first, 30% second, 20% third (winner of consolation), and 10% fourth (runner up consolation). 
4. The tournament will abide by the USBGF rules unless otherwise noted. Further information can be referenced here:


5. In the event of disputes or errors, the tournament director may make decisions that are in the interest of fairness, and may depart from the standard rules of the USBGF from time to time. All director decisions are final.
6. There is no time structure. However, players are expected to play at a reasonable rate of speed. If a match is played unreasonably slow, the director may institute a clock if a situation warrants one. NWLVBC recognizes legal rules of play, not responsible rules. If a mistake is spotted, whether benefiting the other player or not, they are required to correct the illegal play.
7. Players are allowed one break during a match not to exceed 5 minutes. Any player exceeding this time limit the opposing player shall notify the director and time penalties will be put into place. Typically, 1 point penalty per 5 minutes over...and after 15 minutes over, disqualification. *Emergency situations will be given a case by case review.
8. Players must use cups or baffle box to role dice, and must give the dice a 'vigorous' shake. Dice must land 'flat' or 'vertically' and not 'cocked' or crooked on the correct side of the board of the player. Any dice that is cocked or not rolled correctly must be re-rolled. Dice falling on checkers that are flat or vertical is considered a valid roll in NWLVBGC events.
9. The tournament shall consist of a cash entry. Currently $20 plus an optional $20 side pool plus an optional $10 Magic pool. The side pool is optional for players who want increased action. Side pool money will go to the person that goes the furthest in the main event bracket. If two of the final side pool entrants lose in, say, the semi-finals,  the side pool will be split among the two. Side pool entrants are allowed to "chop" or "deal making" the side pool money as situation dictates and participants agree. For example, final match are two side pool entrants and they decide to play for the tournament payouts, but split up the side pool 50/50. They are allowed to do this. Tournament payouts are not allowed to be chopped.

9B. The optional $10 Magic pool shall be a random drawing of Magic Pool participants in the tournament after the Late Registration period has ended. The winner of the drawing shall receive 100% of whatever the total amount of the Magic Pool will be. 

10. Crawford rule in effect for the tournaments (if either play is one point away from winning the match, that game and that game only the doubling cube is taken out of play).

11. Tournament club points will be awarded as follows: Payouts for 1st and 2nd placeonly: 2 points for 1st, 1 point for 2nd. Payouts for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place: 4 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd, and 1 point for 4th. Club points used for seeding, status, end of year prizes/awards/certificates, etc.

General Chouette rules for the NWBGC:
1. Playing chouette only and not the tournament is not encouraged during official NWBGC meet-up's.  Chouette only meet-up's can be arranged but during designated meet times of the NWBGC, tournaments take priority...then the Chouettes.
2. No consultations allowed until the cubes are acted upon. Captain always has the final say and the decider.  Box must double at least half the cubes and take at least half the cubes. Jacoby rule is in effect (no gammons nor backgammons without the cube being doubled) for Chouette play. Beavers (redoubling the double) are allowed. Raccoons (redoubling the redouble) and Aardvarks (redoubling the redoubling of the redouble) are not allowed.
3. Chouettes at the NWLVBC are $1-$3 a point. Cubes may not start greater than one unless there is a player agreement. No Auto-doubles unless there is a player agreement. 
4. The box may drop all the cubes, or accept all the cubes. If the box decides to take some and drop some, the box must take half or more of the cubes. For example, box is playing against 4 cubes. They all double, box wants to risk playing on but doesn't want to take all the cubes. Box must take at least 2 cubes. Against 5 cubes, must take at least 3. This rule eliminates singling certain people out or unnecessarily prolonging the game with people not in the action.
5. Nobody is forced to take the box. Anyone can pass the box and it will drop to the next person in line to take the box.
6. If the box beats the captain, box remains in the box. If the Captain beats the box, the Captain becomes the box. If the box takes a players cube but not the captain, captain wins against the box and the player sits down as co-captain and completes the game. Once finished, captain may become the box. If there are 6 or more players in the Chouette, the box may elect to have a partner. No consultation rule still in effect until the cubes are acted upon.
7. In the beginning of the chouette, players roll two dice and the total will determine who is first in box, captain, and additional players. Players than rotate accordingly. If box loses, drops to bottom of list and captain takes box, and players move up one position. Anyone can pass the box if they choose. Players joining in the middle or during Chouettes may enter if room allows and expected to start at the bottom of the ladder up to the box.
8. A player may pay out or cash out at any time during a Chouette after he/she is out of an existing game in progress. However, it is considered courtesy to give a time or X amount of games if one is ahead in the Chouette and not suddenly leave, say, after a big win. If one is behind, this courtesy is not expected. If not sure, use best judgment.
9. Proxies may be used if a player has to step out for whatever reason. (A proxy is somebody a player puts in charge of their cube if they have to step away and can make cubing decisions on their behalf while absent). Chouettes are fun. So have fun.
10. For more specific rules of Chouette, refer to ABA rules of Chouette with the reminder that each club has variatons to said rules:

© Copyright NWLVBC


Feb. 9th had some great matches and an extra $30 in the prize pool! Don't miss March 8th with another money added pool! Next meet up's: March 8, 2020 & April 19, 2020 . ***At meeting room in back of restaurant side. No upfront costs except players are required to purchase a food/drink to support the establishment that is supporting us!

NWLVBC 2020  Point Leaders:

1. Brett Chaffin: 3 points
2. Sam Orandle: 2 points
3. Daniel Price: 2 points
4. Dennis McFarlen: 2 points
4. Patsy Chaffin: 0 point



Miscellaneous Information

1. Town Center Lounge II is separated in two areas: the bar and the restaurant. We are in the restaurant side in the back in a meeting room area. It's nice, and our only requirement is to purchase some food and drink. So spread the word, there is a great alternative backgammon club in town.

2. The Late entry period is not a re-buy. It's for those who drove to play and may find themselves a bit late for one reason or another. One shot at the main bracket tourney, one shot at the consolation with 8 or more players.

Always good to continually check the website for the latest and greatest information on the NWLVBC. Thank you, Daniel